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Decades of experience in
refractory products

Bet-Ker Oy has produced refractory materials and precast shapes for the steel industry since 1977 and is one of the first Finnish companies in the business. Our long-term success is the result of high-quality products and the improved competitiveness of our customers.

Our main products are the refractory materials and precast shapes required in steel industry processes. The products designed and made by Bet-Ker Oy are used with molten metal and slag, which expose the products to heavy thermal, chemical and mechanical stress.

The largest customer group of Bet-Ker Oy is Nordic steel manufacturers. Our objective over the coming years is to continue our growth in the Nordic market and find new customers in the Central Europe through partner companies. 

We operate in Ylivieska, Finland within a short distance of the port of Rahja and with excellent transport connections overall that guarantee swift deliveries inside the country and all over the world. We produce our mixes in our modern production facility, which has a capacity of some 40,000 tonnes. In addition to high quality and fast deliveries, Bet-Ker Oy has the advantage of being a flexible and efficient organisation that is close to our customers. Bet-Ker Oy products are designed and developed by our internal research and development organisation.


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Bet-Ker Oy is ISO 9001 certified. The high quality of products, services and processes is at the core of our business. We only use the best raw materials from selected suppliers and the latest production technology to guarantee the highest quality.

Our key operational objectives are:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Safe working environment
  • Functional and high-quality processes
  • Profitable and growing business
  • Flourishing nature


A core value of Bet-Ker Oy is loyalty to our key stakeholders. We aim to secure a safe working environment for people and to be environmentally conscious in our choice of raw materials. For customers, we guarantee punctual deliveries and cost-effective, high-quality products and services. We conduct our operations ethically and aim to run a profitable business. We are committed to meeting the requirements defined by our customers and other stakeholders. We can do all this thanks to our motivated and committed staff.

The Bet-Ker Oy management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Det Norske Veritas. By maintaining and developing a management system, we can make the improvement of our business development and management more systematic while supporting our external and internal communication. The management system is instrumental in the development and implementation of our company strategy.




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Research & development

Over 40 years of experience and continuous development ensure the competitive strength of Bet-Ker Oy products and services. We practice long-term research and development and have registered numerous patents. Our highly motivated and capable research and development organisation designs and develops all our products.

We have our own laboratory with a versatile research and testing environment for developing high-quality products to meet the needs of our customers. Modern, first-rate equipment is used to ensure reliable measurements and the even quality of products.

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Our workplace climate is positive and supportive, and we welcome new employees to our community. Motivated holiday substitutes are always needed! You can also enquire about our opportunities for final projects and theses.

Fill in details below, if you are willing to work with us. :)