MagDryLine for the
purest steels in the world!

The MagDryLine tundish lining products are designed to get the best out of every tundish. A comprehensive range of binders and base aggregates allows products to be tailored precisely to customer requirements.

MagDryLine concept

The MagDryLine tundish lining method developed by Bet-Ker Oy covers the critical aspects of customer processes and the composition of the product is tailored accordingly. Choosing the right base aggregates will minimise heat loss during the casting process and choosing the right binders will minimise the critical impurities in steel. MagDryLine lining products can be installed on hot, warm and cold surfaces. MagDryLine is patented by Bet-Ker Oy. The MagDryLine concept includes tundish wear linings, back lining materials, tundish furniture and lids, as well as installation equipment.

Superhero’s guide to MagDryLine


MagDryLine wear lining


MagDryLine Hot Setting

The MagDryLine dry mix is dry-set between a form and the back lining material. The bond is formed by either heat from the back lining material (200–500 degrees) or with a heated form. For the best energy efficiency, tundish availability and lining surface quality, we recommend the use of back lining heat.

The MagDryLine base aggregates can be olivine, magnesia or an olivine-magnesia blend. The choice of base aggregates will determine the thermal efficiency of the tundish in continuous casting processes.

We have a wide selection of inorganic, organic and hybrid binders to match customer requirements for the critical impurities in steel.


MagDryLine benefits:

Clean, pure steel (with the appropriate binder)

  • The lowest hydrogen and carbon pick-up on the market
  • No sulphur pick-up
  • No phosphorus pick-up

Good thermal efficiency

  • Materials can be installed in hot tundishes!
  • A correct choice of base aggregates reduces the heat loss of steel in the tundish process


  • MagDryLine mixes do not stick to forms, making them pleasant to install compared to mixes with general organic binders
  • Quick and easy deskulling after use


  • MagDryLine mixes are odour-free to install
  • Minimal dust


MagSprayLine wear lining

The Bet-Ker Oy tundish product family includes the MagSprayLine wear lining material for gunning. Like the MagDryLine products, the base aggregates of MagSprayLine mixes can be selected according to customer requirements to cover tundish heat loss, material performance in high temperatures and critical impurities. MagSprayLine products can be installed on hot or cold surfaces by using different manual and robotic sprayers.

MagSprayLine benefits:

  • Cost-effective tundish lining
  • Can be tailor-made for the customer's process
    • Multiple base aggregate options
  • Easy to install with manual or robotic gunning equipment
  • Easy deskulling


Magic wear lining

Magic Cold Setting

The Magic wear lining screw mix needs no separate heat source for bonding. Unlike most cold-setting materials on the market, Magic does not require a heap of added chemical components – all that is needed to form the lining is a little water added to the screw. The Magic tundish lining is dust-free to install, a clear advantage that makes for a comfortable working environment.

Like the MagDryLine dry mix, the Magic products can use olivine, magnesia or a blend of the two as the base aggregates.

The binders for Magic products include inorganic and hybrid options.

Magic benefits:

Clean, pure steel

  • Low hydrogen pick-up compared to the other cold-setting materials on the market


  • Installation is free of dust and odours


  • Stable lining with quick and easy skull removal
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MagDryLine back lining

The back lining of the MagDryLine concept include multiple base aggregate options, so that every tundish can have the right composition. The back lining materials produced by Bet-Ker Oy are highly resistant to wear and thermal shock, ensuring a long life for the lining and minimising the consumption of wear lining material, reducing the total cost of the tundish process.

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The Cruiver hopper allows material to be injected in a tundish in roughly 30 seconds.