Refractory mixes for
steel and metal industries

Bet-Ker Oy produces high-quality refractory mixes with magnesia and alumina bases for use in the steel and metal industries. Our masses are tailored for each use case to give the optimal result for our customers. Our mixes are designed by our experienced research and development organisation. We use carefully selected raw materials, a reliable production process, continuous quality control, and experienced and committed employees to guarantee the quality of our products.

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Tundish lining

Dry mixes


The MagDryLine hot-setting tundish lining method developed by Bet-Ker Oy makes the purest steels possible.


Magic is a cold-setting lining method that ensures high functionality and a comfortable installation process.


MagSprayLine wear lining be installed on hot or cold surfaces using different manual and robotic gunning equipment.



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Back lining

The back lining materials of the MagDryLine concept include multiple base aggregate options, so that every tundish can have the right material. The back lining materials produced by Bet-Ker Oy are highly resistant to wear and thermal shock, ensuring a long life for the lining and minimising the consumption of wear lining material, reducing the total cost of the tundish process.

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The spinel-forming mixes produced by Bet-Ker Oy are an excellent choice for highly demanding applications. In the spinel forming reaction, aluminium oxide and magnesium oxide particles react in high temperatures. The spinel-forming mixes are suited for applications that require chemical stability against an alkaline slag and good thermomechanical properties. For example, these mixes are used as the wear lining of monolithic steel ladles. The benefits of the Bet-Ker Oy products include supreme working, drying and high temperature properties, good volumetric stability, and excellent resistance to slags and temperatures. Our products can be tailored to suit the customer's needs.

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Filling materials

Our filling mixes are dry-set mixes with a magnesia or olivine base. Bet-Ker Oy products minimise or completely eliminate dust formation with high-quality, odour-free dust suppressants. The particle distribution of our joining mixes is carefully controlled to keep their flow properties high for easy installation. Other characteristic properties include high volumetric stability and insulation capacity. Filling mixes are used, for example, in brickwork as structural support and to fix SEN in tundishes.

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As a specialist in monolithic refractories, Bet-Ker Oy has a comprehensive selection of different castables for the various processes used in metal production. Our product portfolio includes High Cement (HC), Low Cement (LC) and Ultra Low Cement (ULC) options. Our wide range of different base materials and binders guarantees that the right material is available for even the most demanding applications. Developed in-house by Bet-Ker Oy, our castables are completely tailored to the customer's needs, including grain size distribution and composition. Our designs take into account optimal installation properties, and our castables can be formulated into vibrated, self-flowing or pumped mixes. The correct choice of materials is important for the best possible durability of refractory linings in the conditions of the customer's process.

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Our cost-effective spray mixes can be made with an olivine, magnesia or alumina base material. We can also use recycled materials. Spray mixes are suited for various applications, user-friendly and easy to install. Both manual and robotic gunning is possible with Bet-Ker Oy spray mixes, and they maximise the service interval of the spraying equipment. Our spray mixes are designed to bond well with the target surface and to withstand process conditions with a long lining life. Spray mixes can be used as a wear lining or as patching material in various applications. The materials are also chosen to ensure the best steel quality for the customer by minimising detrimental impurities.