Bet-Ker precast shapes
guarantee high-quality results

Bet-Ker Oy manufactures precast shapes with our own high-quality materials, professional design expertise and skilled employees. Like our materials and mixes, we design each of our components to meet the customer needs for heat insulation, thermal stability, wear resistance and different metal flow models. We can produce precast shapes ranging from a few kilograms up to 10,000 kilograms. We use a well-designed and managed precast drying process to ensure a high-quality end product for the customer.

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You name it, we do it

We can make just about any shape as a precast component. We can work together to design the optimal casting piece for any application, or you can set the dimensions and we will make the piece for you! In addition to the shape, the material mix can also be tailored for the process conditions. Furthermore, acid-resistant steel filaments can be added to the mix to further improve wear resistance. Let us make the best solution possible for your process!

BETKER You name it 1

BETKER You name it 2

BETKER You name it 3


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Tundish lids

Tailored tundish lid solutions achieve excellent insulation in the tundish process. Different materials can be used in different areas of the lid, according to the mechanism and intensity of wear. Lids allow an inert atmosphere to form in the tundish, using, for example, argon gas.

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Ladle bottom elements

Bet-Ker Oy designs and manufactures bottom elements for different ladles. Our designs take into account the wear characteristics of the object in the engineering and material choices in order to provide the longest possible life for the lining. Replacing bricks with elements makes for easier installation, as the amount of work needed is reduced significantly.

pohjaelementit01Steel ladle bottom element.

pohjaelementit02Pig iron ladle bottom element.


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Tundish furniture

Bet-Ker Oy designs and manufactures tundish furniture tailored to customer needs. In tundishes, the furniture components direct the molten metal to reduce splashing, to protect the lining against impact and to improve the flow pattern, allowing impurities to rise into the slag. Some examples of tundish furniture manufactured by Bet-Ker:

  • Baffles
  • Dams
  • Weirs
  • Striker pads
  • Well blocks


valialtaan kalusteet 01StartMaster flowcontroller.

valialtaan kalusteet 02StartMaster flowcontroller.

valialtaan kalusteet 03Well blocks for SEN.


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CAS-OB bells

In the Composition Adjustment by Sealed Argon Bubbling with Oxygen Blowing or CAS-OB process, steel is processed in the steel ladle with the help of a refractory bell. The bell is lowered on top of the molten steel to form a pure layer of steel inside the bell, while slag is left outside the bell. This allows additives to be alloyed on the surface of the molten steel.




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The Bet-Ker Oy Tangle products are made for demanding conditions. We manufacture the elements by using our high-quality mixes and a 30 per cent blend of steel fibers. This production method makes the structure of the element extremely resistant to wear and changes in temperature. Our Tangle products are an excellent choice for demanding applications where the material is subject to heavy mechanical wear, thermal shocks or intense changes in temperature.

tangle01Steel ladle lip blocks.

tangle02Steel ladle lip blocks installed.

tangle03Pig iron ladle lip blocks and side elements.