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Recycling rate up, costs down

In this post, we report on the reuse of steel ladle wear lining mass.
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30% savings in materials through development of the tundish process

This newsletter reveals how our customers can benefit from the development of their tundish process.
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Bulk transports bring efficiency, production security, safety and cost savings

In this article, we talk about the benefits of bulk transportation.
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A good workplace is not given, it is built. Together.

We started working with the Great Place to Work team 18 months ago. Our goal was to get an honest picture of our corporate culture and our employees’ personal experiences about enjoyment at work. In this post we tell shortly about our journey so far.
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Studies + a job at Bet-Ker as TSE = a good combination

At Bet-Ker, technical support engineers are an important asset, providing support to customers on the factory floor, where steel is being made. How do you become a TSE and what does the position entail? Let us ask someone who has first-hand experience of the job.
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Shared development, pure steel

The tundish is the final stage in the steelmaking process when the steel is still in molten form. After the tundish, the steel is cast into a solid form. Therefore, the tundish is a very critical process in terms of the purity of the steel. Ovako Imatra manufactures specialty steel for clients such as the automotive industry, and the company has precise purity criteria for the quality of its steel. At Imatra, the use of dry mix in tundishes was introduced in the 1990s.
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Bet-Ker’s Technical Support Engineers ensure that everything runs smoothly

In this blog post, our Technical Support Engineer Simo Alatarvas describes his usual working day at a customer site.
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Up to 40% lifecycle savings with CAS-OB bells

How can the quality and durability of CAS-OB bells be improved? We at Bet-ker have done some research. In this blog post, we take a peek behind the scenes and look at some of our product development secrets.
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Five tips for successful tundish lining

The tundish process is the final process phase of the steel manufacturing process, during which the steel is in molten form before the continuous casting phase. In other words, the tundish process is critical for preventing the impurities of the steel before solidification. Wear lining plays an important role in successful tundish processes. It is important to choose a tundish lining that is made from the right components, taking into account aspects such as critical impurities.   Continue reading for five practical tips on how to line the tundish with dry mix.  
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